God smites liturgical interlopers

Have you ever wondered if bad liturgy angers God? Maybe the Almighty doesn’t want to look at spectacularly bad vestments? And then there’s the other category: those who disregard liturgy through their behavior during services. I’m happy to report I have found video proof that God does not stand idly by while people prevent others from worshiping through their annoying actions. Here is God in action, smiting a wedding photographer. He deserved it.

Tip of the biretta to the FAIL Blog and to the Bad Vestments blog.

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7 Responses

  1. I was hoping someone would trip him as he walked backwards, but God took care of it.

    Some of the stuff on Bad Vestments, I actually like. The problem with the tie-dyed vestments featured in a recent post is not the tie dye, nor the colors; under some circumstances they could be suitable and attractive. But it doesn’t fit the priest: the chasuble wraps and drapes on him like a bedsheet on a college freshman at a toga party.

  2. Bryan Owen says:

    LOL! I can’t wait to share this with our wedding coordinator.

  3. Heido says:

    Bad Vestments slams the two bishops I’ve worked for. One of them twice. Still, it’s wildly entertaining.

  4. Scott Gunn says:


    What can I say? Even wonderful people sometimes wear bad vestments. And, of course, bad vestments are in the eye of the beholder (except for some of them, which are objectively, unquestionably BAD).

    Maybe you should get some better liturgical fashionistas for your bishops up there.

  5. Laura says:

    That is highly satisfying. Must pass along.

  6. KJ says:

    Oh the cameranity!

    From time-to-time, I am given an assignment to take photos at certain occasions in our parish. I use my telephoto lenses and do my best to be invisible. Having an organ loft makes that fairly easy. No flash, of course, so light is sometimes a challenge.

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