An open letter to the Archbishop of Canterbury

My good friends at Inclusive Church have done it again. I had written about my hopes that clergy within the Church of England might make some noise, and that’s happening. Naturally, it is because everyone reads 7WD. Heh. Anyway, after their excellent letter to the Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church, Inclusive Church has written a letter to the Archbishop of Canterbury.

Here’s a snippet:

The period of engagement for which you call will not be served by putting in place further exclusionary structures. It is only the conservative extreme of the Anglican Communion which appears to support – indeed, to encourage – further division. We are profoundly supportive of the sort of frank and open conversations for which you too hope. Therefore, a question – how do you anticipate these conversations being fruitful when decisions have already been taken which further reduce the status of LGBT Christians and those who welcome them?

That’s a great question. I also liked this bit:

[T]he actions proposed and taken appear to pre-empt the consequences of the draft Covenant. You reiterate that “the Covenant is not envisaged as an instrument of control”. And yet, by these sanctions you are prefiguring the life of the Covenant by already excluding from Anglican dialogue those who do not have majority support – creating, by default, track 2 churches. It is increasingly clear, as discussions about the Covenant continue, that whatever its original intentions it is already becoming an instrument of control, an additional “instrument of unity” which will achieve precisely the opposite.

You go, Inclusive Church! If you are reading this blog from the US, why not go to the Inclusive Church website and learn more? Perhaps you will be inspired to donate some money for their work. They do all sorts of great work in parishes throughout Britain, and they are a much-needed voice of reason and inclusion within the Church of England. Help them make more noise!

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