The Deepwater Horizon disaster for visual learners

The catastrophic oil spill in the gulf seems to get worse by the day. If you haven’t seen this astounding collection of photos, go take a look. This helps to explain why the oil spill is a big deal.

It would be easy to paint big oil companies as the villains in all this. But of course they are merely responding to demand. If you want someone to blame for this disaster, blame our energy-obsessed society. And if you are tempted to point the finger at Hummer drivers alone, I have some bad news. Surfing the web is not exactly environmentally friendly. So if the sight of oil-coated birds is keeping you up at night, use that outrage to advocate for less energy usage across the board. Then we won’t need to burn so much oil. Our risk of future disasters will decrease.

Tip of the hat to Boing Boing.

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