The ending dying church

I’m not the only one asking questions about the future of the church. The Rev’d Mark Bozzuti-Jones from Trinity Church, Wall Street, has written a provocative piece.

What if some other religion or movement begins to convert world leaders, like Christians did in the early centuries? What if a new religion stands to embrace the claim it is the true religion of peace?

When the dust settles after the dust-up with the Roman Catholic Church all of us will have to answer hard questions about what it means to be followers of Christ. I suspect that we might have gone too far from the “mustard seed”. I suspect that our efforts to find better ways of doing the same-old same old will fail. We all might have to find new ways of being church. I bet nobody knows what that will look like. One thing is sure, we cannot sustain this way of being church (nor should we). Or should we? Is the end or the beginning?

Go read the whole thing. And salute Trinity for having such edgy priests.

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  1. Kevin Marek says:

    Read this one in conjunction with the earlier one on how the transition between priests can really hurt a congregation, and so, the whole church.

    Same problem, from two different perspectives? On the one hand, you have nuts-and-bolts organizational issues of the sort that any corporate body faces. On the other, you have the overriding spiritual/cultural issues surrounding core beliefs.

    What is the relation between the two?

    Honestly, one needs both to sustain a parish, or a church, or many other types of community. W/o the core spiritual values, no amount of organization will save you. W/o organization, you get, well, disorganization, the relentless advance of entropy.

    This isn’t at all the tack I intended to take on the topic. I just wanted to point out that the religion that displaces Christianity might actually be Christianity of a different sort. We all know that the evangelical-type churches are the ones that have grown over the past few decades.

    I am partial to contemplative-style religion. But the ecstatic-style has been much more the norm over the course of human history. Think about a New Orleans Jazz funeral.

    Does Islam offer anything comparable?

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