The future of publishing, the future of evangelism

This might shatter — with good reason — your ideas about the future of publishing. It should also shatter yours ideas about evangelism. The church needs to get on board with a new perspective, pronto. St. Paul said we need to be all things to all people. That is, we need to make the Gospel accessible for our audience. At present, most churches are doing a lousy job of this.

Watch this video and pay attention.

This video offers a great lesson of what happens when we see things from a different perspective. Too often, the church has defined both the issues AND the perspective from which they should be seen. When people ask us good questions, we condescendingly explain that they just need to see things our way. When people say we’re focused on the wrong things, we’re usually too busy…being focused on the wrong things to notice the criticism.

Watch the video and pay attention. With 4-5% annual declines in attendance in the Episcopal Church, something’s going to change soon. Either the church will virtually vanish in a few years, or the church will radically change. I’m hopeful the latter will take place. It’s time for the institution to get out of the way of the Gospel. It’s time to see that our ideas about evangelism are almost 100% wrong. We’ve got to change our perspective. Our future depends on it.

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  1. Mary W. Cox says:

    “It’s time for the institution to get out of the way of the Gospel.”
    Amen, amen!! I

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