Same-sex marriage is conservative

Kathleen Parker, who won the 2010 Pulitzer Prize for commentary, answers reader questions today in the Washington Post online. She covers a wide range of topics, and her answers are well worth reading. You will notice that she is thoughtful. You will also notice she is not a liberal extremist. And yet…

One person asks her about her change of opinion about same-sex marriage. Here’s the punchline: “I think David Brooks may be right that same-sex marriage is a conservative position.” For the setup, read on.

Columbus, Ohio: Ms. Parker, congratulations on the Pulitzer. I have to agree with the other posters who say they don’t always agree with you, but always enjoy reading your thought-provoking columns.

I remember several columns you wrote in the 2003-2004 timeframe where you said you love gays, gay humor, your gay hairdresser, gay cousin, gay neighbors, etc., but felt that allowing gay marriage would result in lawsuits against churches and was against the natural order because male/male and female/female orders don’t match nature’s intentions.

Do you still feel this way or have your feelings evolved over time? I find it hard to say that the relationships of the gay people in my life are not as worthy of legal recognition.

Kathleen Parker: Well, it sounds pretty goofy the way you’ve summarized, but I’ll try to answer honestly. I have not favored same-sex marriage, but the reasons are complex. I care only about what kind of society we provide children; adults are on their own. But I have softened my views, partly as a result of studying this issue and having many long, open talks with my gay friends and family. For me, it has never been about rights for adults, but about the meaning and purpose of marriage as it benefits society and children. Given that perspective, however, I don’t see how we can say that one child’s family is more important or better than another’s. I think David Brooks may be right that same-sex marriage is a conservative position. I think this is possibly breaking news.

And there it is. Another person has recognized that the “gay agenda” is not to subvert society, but to strengthen it.

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