Jelly bean prayer, catholic edition

My blogging friend Fr. Tim Schenck recently posted the lamentable “jelly bean prayer” on his blog. Being a talented writer, Tim made some good improvements, offering the “Anglicanized” edition. Naturally, Tim’s version of the jelly bean prayer offended my catholic sensibilities. I am ignoring the irony of including “jelly bean”, “catholic”, and “sensibilities” in the same sentence.

Anyway, go read the original prayer and Tim’s improvements. Then come back here to read the poetic masterpiece I have created: The Catholic Jelly Bean Prayer.

Red is for the Precious Blood,
Green is for Rogation’s spring buds.
Yellow reminds us of golden things,
Orange is for candle-lit bling.
Black is cassocks, right and meet,
White is an amice tied and neat.
Purple is for stoles worn in confession
Pink is laetare, gaudate, copes in procession.
Jelly beans point to Mother Church,
they’re sweet and, like her, won’t leave you in the lurch.

I encourage the creation of other versions of this prayer. Perhaps we could get a volume in the Enriching Our Worship series. In the meantime, I’d like to see this prayer used liturgically (or at least during coffee hour). I’m looking at you, Fr. Alexander.

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8 Responses

  1. Peter Carey says:

    I love reading these blogs!!

    Y’all are great!

    Peter Carey

  2. Mary W. Cox says:

    OK, never one to pass up a challenge to versify, I offer this layperson’s version:

    Red is for the New Fire blazing;
    Green is where God’s* sheep are grazing;
    Yellow is for peeps profuse;
    Organge lips from orange juice;
    Black is where some ashes spilled;
    White–all hail the Altar Guild!
    Purple is the prelate’s choice;
    Pink? We’re in it–let’s rejoice!
    Jelly beans leave none bereft–
    and I’ll take all the black ones left!

    * Or maybe Scott’s…

  3. Scott Gunn says:

    Mary, nicely done. You responded to the challenging “orange situation” with deftness. Excellent message of God’s expansive love.

  4. Here’s my rebuttal. Mary, yours is actually poetic!

    The Jelly Bean Prayer (Holier Than Thou Version)

    Red is for Fr. Gunn’s face as he stands in shame,
    Green is for his envy since I’m better at this game.
    Yellow is the color of Scott’s “bravery,”
    Orange is for sherbet he finds unsavory.
    Black is for his preaching that keeps us in the dark,
    White is for the flag we wave at his remark.
    Purple is for the shirt he wishes he had,
    Pink is the closest color in which he’ll be clad.
    Jelly Beans are short and sweet,
    Fr. Gunn is tall and likes to Tweet.

  5. Mary’s contribution is fantabulous.

  6. Scott Gunn says:

    Meredith, am I to assume that you didn’t mention anything about the quality of poetry from Tim and me because it is obviously superb? Because if something else were the case, you risk incurring the combined wrath of two blogging priests of MA (recognizing, of course, that my wrath is slightly more fierce than Tim’s).

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