The Most Reverend Easter Bunny

Sorry, Roman Catholic friends. You can keep the Pope. Really, he’s all yours. The Easter bunny is one of ours.

I love this photo — just for the pure fun of it. Part of the joy comes from the willingness of the subject to be photographed looking silly (in a good way!) This is a photo of an actual Anglican bishop, and a primate at that. Bonus points to someone who can identify him.

Hat tip to the photographer will follow when the subject is identified

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6 Responses

  1. Daniel says:

    PB Browning. Cause he was a Fiji at Sewanee, and everyone knows we’re always up for a good time.

  2. David Sibley says:

    Who ever it is, they’re a General Seminary graduate – I recognize that diploma on the wall…

  3. Lee Crawford says:

    Es mi querido obispo de El Salvador.

  4. Scott Gunn says:

    Bueno! Lee gets the answer.

    The bunny is none other than Bishop Martin Barahona of El Salvador. He donned the head in a moment of levity on his recent visit to San Francisco. My seminary classmate Fr. Tommy Dillon got the photo.

  5. Susan Russell says:

    Muy bueno!

  6. Bob Chapman says:

    Fr. Gunn,

    Two can play at this game of trivia about bishops.

    Which bishop in the Anglican Communion has been seen driving this car:

    I’ve covered information on the license plate and the sign seen behind the auto in question to try to make this a bit harder.

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