Hymn for Holy Saturday: O sorrow deep

We Episcopalians tend to blow right past Holy Saturday. Good Friday is familiar territory, and then we cut right to the Great Vigil of Easter. But there is space to marked. Here’s a fitting hymn.

O sorrow deep!
Who would not weep
with heartfelt pain and sighing!
God the Father’s only Son
in the tomb is lying.

The Paschal Lamb,
like Isaac’s ram,
in blood was offered for us,
pouring out his life
that he might to life restore us.

Blest shall they be
who ponder in their weeping
that the glorious Prince of Life
should in death be sleeping,

O Jesus blest,
my help and rest,
with tears I pray thee, hear me:
now, and even unto death,
dearest Lord, be near me.

Words: Johann Rist, 1641; translated by Charles Winfred Douglas, 1940

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1 Response

  1. Bob Chapman says:

    Here is an arrangement of this hymn in German:

    Now we are in darkness. We watch and wait for the Sun in the East.

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