The wonders of duct tape

The weather we’re having in Rhode Island is fit for ducks. This has caused me to think of duct (“duck”) tape, which brings us to this wondrous collection of intricate designs made of duct tape. Before you move on to the collection, you might like to visit this authoritative source on the “duct tape vs. duck tape” controversy.

Due to the increasing array of duct tape colors and options, artists now have a dazzling palette from which to choose. Last time I was looking for duct tape in Target, they had perhaps 10 colors, including PURPLE PLAID. I tried desperately to think of a use for this, but was unable to do so. It was purple, which is timely for Lent but the plaid was a bit too festive.

Anyway, check out these photos of duct tape designs. Perhaps this will inspire your inner artiste.

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  1. Malcolm says:

    Okay, that didn’t work.

    Try this.

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