Calculator calculator calculator calculator calculator

In case you need to do some calculating during Holy Week, I don’t want you to have to look far for the right tool. Also, if you were looking for proof that you can find about anything you want on the interwebs, here you go. Enjoy.

Birthday trivia calculatorAdd or subtract date calculatorAge on other worlds calculatorAnniversary calculatorCadaver value calculator.Tire size calculatorMortgage calculatorCalorie calculatorDownload time calculatorBandwidth calculatorExposure calculatorDepth of field calculatorRGB calculatorEm calculatorGrid calculatorGolden ratio calculatorMurphy’s Law calculatorDeath by caffeine calculatorHow to use Google calculator.

From the good people at Metafilter.

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1 Response

  1. Eric Gregory says:

    There’s one missing:

    Godwin’s law calculator ('s_law)

    I haven’t seen one created yet, but it would be incredibly useful to know when to stop reading comments on blogs before getting to the inevitable Hitler/Nazi references.

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