It’s time to vote again!

My blogging colleague Fr. Tim Schenck is nearing the final stretches of his Lent Madness. This is, as you will recall, a saintly smackdown among a field of 32 holy women and holy men (very little connection to a book of that title).

The inspiration behind this blog’s title, George Herbert, has made it to the Elate Eight, and he’s now up against John Chrysostom. Now, I have to tell you, I like John. A lot. We read his Easter sermon every year on Easter Eve. I quote him regularly.

But I still voted for George, and you should too.

Here’s why:

  • John doesn’t even have a real last name. Chrysostom is just a nickname meaning “Golden Tongued”. Sure, it might be a compliment for his preaching. Or he might have been eating too many gold-colored candies or something.
  • George is a real Anglican, and no one else can lay claim to him. He’s our guy. John is a saint for all of Christendom. Where’s the exclusivity in that? Don’t you want an Anglican to come out at the top of the pack?
  • Name one hymn by John Chrysostom. You can’t do it. On the other hand, George has written a bunch of them, including this fine text.
  • For that matter, name a blog which has been inspired by John. The Interwebs, as we all know, contain all things necessary for coolness. Since there’s no John blog, then he must not be cool.
  • There’s no ambiguity over pronunciation with George. Believe it or not, people differ over how to pronounce John’s nickname. We don’t want that! Imagine it’s next Sunday and you are announcing to your congregation who won the saintly smackdown. Do you want to doubt yourself over how to say the name? I thought not.

So go cast your vote now!

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  1. Ethan Gafford says:

    Oh no you did not.

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