Palm Sunday is really, really bad for our planet. Most palms come from unsustainable sources. That means your church celebration is contributing to deforestation. But there’s an alternative. You can use Eco-Palms. As the website explains:

They are sustainably grown and harvested in Guatemala and Mexico. All of the harvesting communities either have or are in the process of obtaining an outside sustainable certification from SmartWood, a division of Rainforest Alliance. Please remember that the lack of certification of these palms makes them in no way less sustainable. The forests in which these palms reside are being protected from agriculture and logging because of the palms residence.

Why not place your order from Eco-Palms, if yours aren’t already on the way? (Alas, I didn’t intercept my own efficient Altar Guild in time.) Frankly, another — even better — option would be to use local plants. Of course, that would likely result in massive revolt, which would detract from what Holy Week is about.

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