In Uganda, you can view illegal material…in church

Uganda has famously draconian anti-gay laws, even without the over-the-top laws under consideration now. There’s a pastor who regularly shows “gay porn” during church services as part of his campaign supporting anti-gay laws. A Ugandan writer notes,

This makes Makerere Community Church the only place in Uganda where watching pornography is “legal”. According to Uganda’s laws, even mere possession of pornographic material is a crime. It would appear that Makerere Community Church has got a special license to show porn. Moreover, perhaps following Jesus Christ’s example of welcoming children, even kids can watch porn at Makerere Community Church.

Get that? Merely speaking of homosexuality is worthy of jail time, unless you are standing in a pulpit. Does anyone see the irony here? The church founded by Jesus with the commandment to “love one another as I have loved you” is the only place where something illegal can be done — when it’s in support of hatred.

This is the kind of bile that many American Anglicans want to cozy up to. It’s outrageous. The usurpation of Christ’s church for the promotion of hatred is the worst kind of blasphemy. And these people claim to be orthodox. I hope the Anglican Communion, at some point, will stand up and speak for love and against hatred.

Hat tip to Box Turtle Bulletin, via the Daily Dish. Image from the Daily Dish.

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