Abundant life in an airport?

We love to complain. By “we” I mean pretty much everyone, pretty much all the time. I am not immune, as those around me will attest. “I canNOT believe this grilled salmon is medium well, when I ordered it medium. The OUTrage!” “My car, which was supposed to get 28 MPG is only getting 26 MPG. I might sue!” We say these things, and feel this way, instead of another choice we might make. I am grateful to have plenty to eat. I am grateful to have a car that works.

Well, what would most of us do if we were stuck in an airport all night long due to a snow storm? We’d complain. To everyone. For weeks. There’s a choice. We could have some fun. Watch this video for an example of what one woman did when stuck in the Pittsburgh airport recently:

To be sure, there are things we do well to complain about. But complaining should not be our way of life, and we should do this only when we are willing to cooperatively improve that which concerns us.

Just imagine with me what our world might be like if we took on, as our way of life, the playfulness exhibited by the woman in this video. Now THAT is a Lenten discipline.

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