BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: 2009 version of Episcopal Church canons online!

Rats! I didn’t blog this when I saw it not long ago because I thought everyone else knew about it. Well, it turns out not everyone else was aware that the 2009 version of the Constitution and Canons of the Episcopal Church have appeared on the website of said church. A really smart person emailed me to say she didn’t know. If she didn’t know, then almost no one knows. So I’m going to declare this a 7WD EXCLUSIVE!

You can visit this page to download the new canons on PDF (or directly from this link).

It used to be the case that every Deputy was mailed a printed copy of the canons, but this was deemed a luxury in the current budget. So we have to order our own. Probably just as well, since many trees will be saved by the conservation of what would have been bookshelf ornaments for many Deputies. Alas, they printed canons not ready yet, so we hard-core church geeks have to make do with a PDF for now. (What does it take eight months to produce this book?)

Anyway, go download. Everyone please post your favorite canon! Mine is II.1.

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2 Responses

  1. Laura says:

    Wow! You are where the Lead goes for news about GC! That’s mighty impressive.

  2. Scott Gunn says:

    Laura, I will pass your compliment along to our news division.

    I think the lesson here for all bloggers is that when you post something, put EXCLUSIVE in all caps in the title. Because then when other blogs post the info, they look like chumps if they don’t link to you. Jim Naughton and his gang are all about avoiding any appearance of chumpishness.

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