A few words about Lent

Yesterday there was a great post over at The Episcopal Cafe, “A few words about Lent.” Here’s a sample:

Lent is a season during which the Church demands more than ordinary devotion from her children. Her services are increased-are of a more solemn character-are such as are best adapted to lead our thoughts away from the things of this world, to contemplate the mysteries of Redemption. Every day she would have her children prostrate themselves in God’s house, and pray that He would “create and make within them new and contrite hearts.” The services of the Church keep two facts prominently before our minds: our sinfulness, Christ’s holiness; our need, Christ’s sufficiency.

We don’t like to face our mortality or our sinfulness, but this is an essential part of the Christian journey. Enter fully into Lent. You will be glad you did.

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