Tales from ACNA-Land: The shadow presser

The Anglican secessionist mythology presents the idea that they are simple folks, innocently trying to be faithful Christians. Except for occasional inconvenient events like the release of the “Chapman report” (their careful plans to sow dissent and tear the fabric of the Communion), they stick to this story. The Episcopal Church and the Anglican Communion are sold as worldly groups, obsessed with public image, while ACNA is sold as simple purveyors of pure religion. Not so fast! Allow me to show you four photos I have taken.

This is the Archbishop of Canterbury at the final press conference of the Primates Meeting in Dar es Salaam in February 2007. Media from around the world came to hear the archbishop (just before midnight, I might add) share the final statement from the meeting.

This is newly minted Bishop Martyn Minns immediately after the real press conference, standing in the same room (paid for by the Anglican Communion Office). As you can see, he is holding a press conference to refute what the Archbishop has just said. Though they would have been within their rights to send him packing, ACO officials let him stand there and attack the Anglican Communion.

What’s really funny — or tragic — is that this was all done in feigned innocence. As the press conference was breaking up, one of the reporters thanked Minns for holding the presser. Minns said something like, “Oh? Is that what this was? I had no idea.” I should note that this is the only time the whole week he wore clerical garb. I’m guessing he polished his pectoral cross, because, you know, he was going to be interviewed by Reuters and all. And pretend it was unplanned.

This is from the press conference immediately after Presiding Bishop Katharine Jefferts Schori was elected at General Convention in 2006.

Immediately after the PB-elect left the room, David Anderson stood in the back of the room (this one paid for by the Episcopal Church) and held a briefing in which he attacked the Episcopal Church. He gained access to this event by using press credentials, though reporters don’t typically call other reporters over to make statements.

These events display a callous hyprocricy. They will use resources paid for by the institutions they seek to destroy. Their schemes are presented as unplanned coincidences. It’s unmannerly to stand in someone else’s space and attack them. But they had no choice. The camera trucks were parked there, so that’s where they had to be in order to get attention for their secessionist goals.

When they pretend things are “just happening” don’t believe it for a second.

If you want to see more photos, you can have a look at my General Convention 2006 or Primates Meeting 2007 sets on flickr.

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6 Responses

  1. Pamela RW Kandt says:

    Some would say that using an institution’s own resources to destroy such institution is an effective and appropriate use of those resources. They’re probably applauding themselves over their own cleverness.

  2. Daniel says:

    I’m currently at my diocesan convention and as we go into our final session tomorrow, I’m planning on going to bat as strongly as possible for those of us who truly respect our communion and the ministry of all the baptized. I was also very pleased to know our standing committee gave consent to the Glasspool election yesterday. They made me proud.

  3. Daniel says:

    Though I’m sure my post made it quite clear, I was saying that in response to those (and especially those above) who claim they value the communion above all else while doing everything in their power to tear it apart.

  4. There is nothing new about grandstanders, opportunists and common thieves…you can dress them up but they are still grandstanders, opportunists and common thieves…just ask the King who had no clothes.

  5. Malcolm says:

    Well, they’ve got the “wise as serpents” part down pat.

  6. DcnScott says:

    Pamela –

    Sounds to me like the same kind of thing as boiling a kid in its mother’s milk – and that’s an abomination.

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