BREAKING NEWS: The Chane Gang recordings to become rare

Back in 2002 when Bishop John Bryson Chane became Bishop of Washington, he got lots of cool points because he’s a grad of Yale Divinity School. OK, that was just for me. For everyone else, he earned many cool points because of his band, The Chane Gang. Then he did all sorts of bishopy things, and people variously decided he was fantastic or heretical — usually with not much of a middle ground.

This morning at the convention of the Diocese of Washington, Bishop Chane announced his intention to retire as bishop, with the ordination of his successor to take place in autumn 2011. That will mean lots of things, but one thing’s for sure. Now is the time to order your copy of his latest album, before it goes out of print. Oh, yeah, and it would be a good time to pray for Bishop Chane and the people of his diocese.

UPDATE: The Washington Post has an article about Bishop Chane retirement and tenure as bishop.

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  1. Bob Chapman says:

    Yale? Isn’t that the Alma Mater of Clarence Thomas?

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