How to report the news

This doesn’t need much of an introduction, and I couldn’t add anything that Neil Postman hasn’t already said.

Note: due to language this one is “PG-13” or so.

Wave of the ActionLiveNewsTeam microphone to Jan Nunley, who posted this on Facebook.

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2 Responses

  1. Laura says:

    I don’t know, Scott. You’re going to have to do more to make me think this is a typical incendiary blog post.

    You might want to read this to get your blogging all up in your face, rhetorically speaking:

  2. Scott Gunn says:

    Laura, that’s fantastic. Sadly, I think it describes a fair amount of what’s right here on 7WD. At least I admit it?

    Anyway, I’ll share this as a post. The blogospheric trope should be exposed for what it is — just about as predictable as so-called mainstream media.

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