Afghanistan is still there!

We are a nation at war. You could be forgiven for not knowing that, given almost no reference to our war in the State of the Union. Iraq is somewhat visible (because of oil?), but Afghanistan remains hidden. There aren’t many front page stories about Afghanistan these days, unless a suicide bomber kills several Americans. This is not acceptable.

We are urged to continue “business as usual” while our fellow citizens are overseas in harm’s way. What’s worse is that most people in the service (because we don’t have a draft) are poor. So we have sent our poor to do our national dirty work. In other words, the burden of sacrifice is thrust on a small subset of our nation. My firm belief is that if we are going to go to war, we need to practice shared sacrifie. It should be costly to our whole nation, not just to a few. Taxes, if needed, should go up so that we can equip our soldiers and sailors with outstanding armor and provide the best possible health care to them when they are wounded. A national draft — with few exemptions — would ensure that the children of presidents and senators are on the front lines, not just the children of the poor.

I will continue to post about Afghanistan on this blog as long as we are there. I will continue to pray for our soldiers, for the people of Afghanistan, and for the Taliban every day. We cannot forget. Business is not usual.

Go look at another beautiful and disturbing set of photos on the Big Picture blog. And then pray. Lord, have mercy upon us.

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