Live blogging the State of the Union

8:49:34 PM: Obama arriving at the Capitol building. Wonder if he had any traffic tie-ups to contend with?

8:49:44 PM: Blogging: Live blogging the State of the Union

8:50:49 PM: Pelosi calling Joint Session to order. Not impressive. Maybe an Uncle Sam hat would help.

8:51:04 PM: She just had to shush someone who was trying to talk to her!

8:51:39 PM: It was Biden who tried to cut her off. Why am I not surprised?

8:53:29 PM: Lots of milling and talking as giant committee goes to fetch POTUS. Government bloat: it takes a giant committee to walk in with POTUS.

8:55:41 PM: Spouse says “Purple is the color of the evening”, adding, “Purple is good non-partisan color.”

8:56:30 PM: SCOTUS introduced. Applause. Wish I was there with a rotten tomato after this week’s travesty.

8:56:58 PM: Am kidding about the tomato. But I would seriously consider a Bronx cheer more appropriate.

8:58:05 PM: Mrs. Obama enters alone. With economic cuts, only enough for one escort committee?

9:03:23 PM: Michelle looks bored. Chatting it up with people around her. Still waiting for POTUS.

9:03:34 PM: Waiting for POTUS because of giant committee, probably.

9:07:53 PM: POTUS entering. #SOTU

9:09:19 PM: Wondering which Republican will embarrass themselves by doing something dumb such as shouting out during speech?

9:11:29 PM: POTUS gets rousing ovation from both sides of the aisle when introduced. Glad a few Republicans still have some class.

9:14:40 PM: Obama says, speaking of economy, “worst of the storm has passed” but some “devastation remains”.

9:15:03 PM: Not sure I would use the word “devastation” about most Americans, given what just happened in Haiti.

9:17:29 PM: Obama talks about Americans with “stubborn resilience”. I wish I heard more of that and less petulant whining.

9:18:05 PM: “I have never been more hopeful about America’s future than I am tonight.” Standing O.

9:22:13 PM: Obama bragging about tax cuts. Who is he playing to? Republicans are haters who won’t like anything he says.

9:23:01 PM: Biden needs a booster seat or something. Needs to be quicker with his standing Os — most important job of a veep.

9:25:17 PM: After two years of recession, economy is recovering. I hope so.

9:27:13 PM: Allentown, PA. Elyria, OH. Galesburg, IL. I guess Obama’s speechwriter got a new atlas?

9:28:23 PM: Tax cuts are the answer! Wait, I thought this was Obama, not Reagan. What’s up?!

9:29:27 PM: No reason China should have fastest trains. Obama should talk to Biden about Amtrak and how far they have to go.

9:30:18 PM: I think Congress should go the next step and get cheerleaders.

9:32:23 PM: If China jumped off a cliff, would Obama follow?

9:33:00 PM: “I do not accept second place for the USA”

9:33:27 PM: I think it a lot of things, we should forget about 2nd place and shoot for the top 25.

9:36:43 PM: “Clean coal”. Isn’t that an oxymoron?

9:38:09 PM: The nation that leads the clean energy economy will lead the global economy. // I buy that, but we have a long ways to go.

9:38:58 PM: The more junk we sell, the more better we are. Ugh. A stark contrast to +Ntahouturi’s sermon I just listened to.

9:40:46 PM: My blog traffic is spiking because of Google queries about people wearing purple at the #SOTU.

9:42:49 PM: Pell Grants. I once administered a chalice to Senator Pell. Can I have a Pell Grant?

9:45:19 PM: Laughing at friends’ Facebook statuses. Most are R, not PG-13, so cannot share.

9:46:02 PM: POTUS gets serious to talk about health care.

9:51:32 PM: Obama just explained that he is picking up GW Bush’s mess.

9:52:48 PM: Friend on facebook: Dear Congress: I think less applause would improve any SOTU speech.

9:53:26 PM: Friend continues: Seriously, people. . . do you *really* need to clap so much, and so often?

9:54:07 PM: Friend part 3: Sit on your hands every once in a while, why don’t you?? Sincerely, A Highly Interested but Attention-Challenged Citizen

9:54:54 PM: “I refuse to pass the problem along to another generation of Americans”

9:55:16 PM: Amen! We must move past short-term thinking. Looking at you, Republicans.

9:58:24 PM: Obama bragging about transparency. Really? Then stop upholding Bush-era secrets orders.

9:59:38 PM: POTUS calls out SCOTUS. Ouch! They can’t have liked that.

10:00:12 PM: POTUS calls out Congress to post earmarks publicly. Who can argue with that?

10:00:36 PM: Wait, did someone just shout something as applause was quieting? Hard to tell on streaming interwebs.

10:04:43 PM: Unity since 9/11 has dissipated. So now we need a new scapegoat!

10:06:06 PM: We prohibited torture. Sad that we even had to do that. Shame on you, Cheney and cronies.

10:07:44 PM: This war is ending, and all of our troops are coming home.

10:07:59 PM: If we don’t end it soon, more of them will come home in coffins.

10:09:12 PM: Wait, I thought Michelle was busy ending childhood obesity.

10:09:43 PM: Is she going to get obese kids to dance for military families: two birds with one stone?

10:11:54 PM: “We have gone from bystander to leader in climate change…” // I wish that were true. Can’t see it though. Not yet.

10:14:40 PM: “I will change law that prevents gay & lesbian Americans from serving the country…”

10:15:26 PM: Can’t the commander in chief just order that change now?

10:17:35 PM: “The more TV pundits reduce big issues into little arguments” Yes, indeed.

10:18:48 PM: I wish Obama would just give everyone iPads. That would fix everything. Or at least distract us from whatever is wrong.

10:18:48 PM: I wish Obama would just give everyone iPads. That would fix everything. Or at least distract us from whatever is wrong.

10:20:18 PM: I wish some POTUS would end the “touching vignette” trope at #SOTU.

10:21:16 PM: “The spirit of this nation lives on. In people. It’s YOU” Reminds me of “I see dead people”

10:22:01 PM: “God bless the USA” // Would like to hear a POTUS end once with “May all the world be blessed”

10:23:04 PM: Rahm Emanuel is not too far from John Roberts. Wouldn’t you like to see Emanuel go at him?

10:24:04 PM: Obama as he’s leaving: “Which way am I going?” // To the LEFT please, Mr. President.

10:25:00 PM: RT: @lambeth98 pretty lackluster…I never agree with what he says, but he usually says it better // Lackluster, indeed. We can agree.

10:25:50 PM: Wow, Congress cleared out fast. Did they have to be somewhere?

10:27:12 PM: Ending live blog of SOTU. Will live blog Republican response, just for grins.

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