Live blogging the Republican response to SOTU

10:30:43 PM: Blogging: Live blogging the Republican response to SOTU

10:30:50 PM: Watching Republican response. Looks like miniature US Capitol. Where is Mini Me?

10:33:20 PM: Good public policy should strengthen private sector’s ability to create new jobs. // You mean like overseas outsourcing?

10:33:51 PM: Has people in the background. No cool pearls like Pelosi was wearing.

10:34:36 PM: Limited role of government // Then how about NOT regulating who can marry whom?

10:35:07 PM: We want cooperation, not partisanship. // Then why do you obstruct everything POTUS proposes?

10:35:31 PM: “Best medical care system in the world?” // Why WHAT POSSIBLE MEASURE IS OUR SYSTEM THE BEST?!!!!! ARRRGGHHHH!!!

10:36:09 PM: “Drive up the cost of your health care” // You mean lobbyists and cronies? That’s not govt

10:36:50 PM: “We want your suggestions by Facebook and Twitter” // There was giggling. These dudes want your suggestions during junkets.

10:38:32 PM: Child’s education should be determined by work ethic, not ZIP code // So will aid urban schools? Oh, right. Just a sound bite.

10:40:03 PM: We should spend $$ to defeat, not protect // OK. Good sound bite. How do you know who is a terrorist? I thought we had a justice system.

10:40:54 PM: This speech is just a series of bumper stickers. Someone help these people discover a VW Minibus: an appropriate outlet for pithy sayings.

10:41:27 PM: Government closest to the people governs best // So how about ending DOMA.

10:42:04 PM: “As the most generous and prosperous nation on earth…” // Again, dude, where’s any shred of evidence for that statement.

10:42:37 PM: Commends generosity to Haiti // Yes, we are being generous to the country we ruined. Let’s forgive debt, if we want to be generous.

10:43:35 PM: Again, I’d like to see a politician end, just once, with “May everyone be blessed”

10:44:03 PM: Republicans should know that Jesus asked us to pray for our enemies, not to bless the empire.

10:44:58 PM: OK, signing off from Republican response.

10:45:19 PM: It was mercifully brief. 93% bumper stickers.

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2 Responses

  1. Dan says:

    Is this dude the best they can do?

  2. Dan says:

    Son if you want a good job, I’ll just buy it for you. Dubya’s dad did!

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