How to pray with tefillin on a plane

If you didn’t know what tefillin are, this won’t apply to you directly, though it could apply to your friends. In a way, it applies to all of us. While this video is light-hearted (and even funny), it points to a serious problem. While we like to think of ourselves as multi-cultural in the US, we are shockingly mono-cultural. When confronted with words or actions that are unfamiliar, people too often assume hostility. That’s why merely reading an Arabic book can get you thrown off a plane. And it’s why you should watch this video, especially if you didn’t know about tefillin. If someone near you on a plane starts to freak out because a nearby passenger is praying, you’ll be able to calm the hyped up passenger. Here’s one more bit of motivation. Watching this video might help you learn the answer to this timeless question: “Are Cocoa Pebbles about to become a standard part of Jewish prayer rituals?”

Tip of the yarmulke to The Blingdom of God.

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  1. This is a poem I wrote about the tefillin on the airplane incident based on “Oh! The Places You Will Go!” by Dr. Seuss.

    Rabbi Jason Miller

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