Miqra: The whole Bible in one weekend

A couple of months ago I was in Lake Forest, IL for a meeting to help create some resources for Episcopal Relief & Development. While I was there, I met a bunch of nifty people from the Diocese of Chicago (a very nifty diocese, I might add). One of those people I met, Benedict Varnum, was hard at work creating a Miqra weekend for the diocese. Wow. What a fantastic program! Youth gather and read the whole Bible out loud over the course of weekend. But it’s not all a big boring begat-fest. At Miqra weekends, the reading is supplemented by such pious activities as Nave Olymics. As I write this, the Chicago Miqra Weekend is in progress and someone is reading Leviticus, apparently in the Cathedral of St. James. Watch and listen to the live stream: [UPDATE: The event is over, but go visit the link to learn more about Miqra.]

If you are reading this January 15-17, spend a few minutes listening to God’s Word faithfully and carefully read out. Pray for all those in Chicago who are spending their weekend with the Bible. My hope is to get a Miqra weekend going out in Rhode Island. Who knows what great things might happen when unsuspecting people encounter the power, breadth, and depth of God’s Word?

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