The Spirit bears witness

In preparing the first of two sermons for tomorrow, I ran across this quote by Gregory of Nazianzus. I’m not using it in my sermon, but it’s a terrific entry point to talk about the relationship between Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit, and the Church — and our own ministries guided by the Spirit. If you are a sermon procrastinator (it takes one to know one), perhaps this will help you. In any case, it would be good material for a meditation on the great feast we celebrate tomorrow.

Christ is born; the Spirit is his forerunner.

Christ is baptized; the Spirit bears him witness.

Christ is tempted. The Spirit leads him up.

Christ performs miracles. The Spirit accompanies him.

Christ ascends. The Spirit fills his place.

I saw this in the Luke volume of the Ancient Christian Commentaries series, which is stupendously fantastic.

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