Oh, TannenBOOM!

Here’s the perfect solution for disposing of your old Christmas tree. As the video says, “I think this really goes to what it means to be an American at Christmas time.” If you decide to try this at home, be careful. It is, in fact, rocket science.

Tip of the Santa hat to Gizmodo.

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2 Responses

  1. Bob Chapman says:

    This reminds me of the research and development of the under-door shaving cream delivery devices that were developed in my college dorm.

    I’m not talking about manila envelopes and clip boards.

    I am talking about soda cans (note plural), carbide, water, duct tape, matches, and tin shears. In some cases, the matches were taped to hockey sticks so ignition could be accomplished from around a corner.

    We were also able to send a tennis ball about 3/4 the long way down the football field in related research.

    Today, someone would probably call the police for just keeping the carbide in a dorm room. They probably should have, then.

    (What is my alma mater? http://mst.edu )

  2. John Utz says:

    Fantastic! America…what a country…..(swoon)

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