Hasten thither to the Temple

Over on Facebook, I mentioned that I would be quoting Origen and Talladega Nights in my sermon yesterday. This attracted numerous comments, and it was even mentioned on a blog. I’m not sure the sermon lived up to its hype, but here’s an excerpt. If you want more, go have a look at the brand new Christ Church blog.

Holy Family iconThis Sunday, with its focus on Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, is sometimes called Holy Family Sunday. When we hear the phrase “Holy Family”, we are likely to conjure the images that are familiar to us. There, in our crèche, we can see Mary and Joseph, peacefully and piously adoring the Christ Child.

Jesus is soundly asleep, or perhaps cooing softly. Of course, Mary and Joseph aren’t arguing. In our imagined scene, even the animals don’t smell. Yes, this Holy Family seems perfect. After all, we’re talking about Jesus, Mary, and Joseph. Wouldn’t they be the perfect family?

Our ideas change quickly if we shift our focus from the pastoral scene in our crèche to the urban scene in today’s Gospel. Flash forward. We’re no longer thinking about, in the immortal words of that great philospher Ricky Bobby, the “eight pound, six ounce newborn infant Jesus”. And we’re not quite up to the “bearded Jesus”. Today we hear the only story from any of the Gospels about the childhood years of Jesus. And what a story it is.

I plan to post most of my sermons on the Christ Church blog henceforth. There you’ll also find some sermons from my homiletically amazing colleague, the Rev’d Melody Shobe. We’ll also post other items of possible interest to the congregation over there The blog’s brand new — still setting it up, in fact — so feedback is welcome.

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