7WD upgrades

I’ve just made a few changes to 7WD, hoping to improve your experience here as a reader / surfer commenter / general troublemaker. Your feedback — and suggestions for further improvement — would be most welcome.

Over on the right sidebar, I removed quite a few things to make room for a new feature: a constantly updating survey of the blogs I read. These same blogs are (more or less) listed above in the “Blogroll” tab. Speaking of tabs, I added another. You’ll find a “Photos” tab with a slideshow of recent photos from my flickr stream, as well as links to explore flickr. The “Friends” tab is a smaller list of blogs and friends.

Also on the right side, at the top, you’ll see I added a link to receive updates by email (once per day) when new posts are added here. If you are a person who comes to visit to see what’s new, you can now rely on your inbox if you like — though we do like visitors!

At the bottom of each post, you’ll see a “Share” button. This allows you easily to share what you’re reading on Facebook, Twitter, and many other social networking sites. You can also print or save posts — or forward them via email. I’ve also added some sharing tools to the bottom of posts for those of you who subscribe to 7WD in an RSS reader.

My hope is that these changes will make 7WD easier on the eyes and faster loading. I was also trying to make it easier to share posts when they amuse, delight, or outrage you. One of these days, I’ll do a full design, but I hope this makes things more pleasant for now. Please do send along some feedback — good, bad, or ugly.

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