Most popular posts of 2009

If CNN can do a recap, why not 7WD? Here are the ten most popular posts from 7WD this year, in order.

  1. When Tom Wright gets it totally wrong…
  2. 10 liturgical changes inspired by swine flu fear pandemic
  3. An update on the Rev’d Ann Holmes Redding
  4. Of “bonds of affection” and misplaced anxiety
  5. Parsing Rowan: Catholic, Covenant, and “chosen lifestyles”
  6. Does the Good Book have “bad” bits?
  7. Is Facebook killing people and ruining the church?
  8. Denouncing Dave Walker
  9. Of pastoral petulance
  10. Easy fix: block all quizzes on Facebook

You might also be interested to know that the number of unique visitors was up over 60% from 2008, though the number of page views remained almost flat. Year over year, more people used browsers like Firefox and Safari and thus escaped the beast that is Internet Explorer. Screen sizes went up. Internet connections got faster.

All it all, 2009 was a good year here on 7WD. I hope you have enjoyed reading my little offerings now and then. Please come again (and again and again) in 2010. Even better, please leave lots of comments. We love comments.

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