GoodGuide helps you buy good products

Want to buy the right products when you’re in the grocery store? There’s an app for that! I’m not talking about buying the loudest or strongest or any other superlative. Fast Company writes about an iPhone app called GoodGuide that keeps a database of products so you can make informed choices about the ethical nature of the product and company. How cruel are they to animals? What is their environmental impact? And so on.

Best of all, it’s uses your iPhone’s camera to scan bar codes, so you can just point your iPhone at a product and get instant info. I know I sometimes dither at the grocery store, wanting to buy the “right” product. I’m not primarily driven by price, but by ethical concerns. It hasn’t always been easy to sort that out, however.

I’ll be interested to hear what people think about this database. It’s notoriously difficult to make sound ethical choices, given the number of things one can be concerned about. One group lobbies about packaging, another about worker’s rights, and another about animal cruelty. This app won’t turn you into Mother Teresa, but it can help us make some better (or at least better informed) choices.

Disclosure: I used to be the Director of Information Technology at Fast Company. Back in the day.

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