Our Lady of the New Advent

This pretty much encapsulates what has happened to Advent in most churches. Sure, you can tell me how pure your liturgy is, but ask people what they’re doing after church and it’s going to be shopping or Christmas parties — or “holiday” parties. As an aside, I never quite know how to respond when someone says to me, after a Christmas mass, while I’m still wearing my chasuble, “Happy Holidays!” What pops into my head isn’t fit for print. But, as usual, I have digressed. Here’s the reason for my post:

This is from the Sarcastic Lutheran blog, where the author/artist says this:

This is the icon we created during liturgy over the 4 weeks of Advent. Every piece of this is from “Christmas” ads: circulars, catalogs and all that junk that comes in the mail and the newspaper. We created 1/4 of it each week. An Artist in the community traced the image onto poster board indicating what color should go in each shape. People ages 6-65 cut out the right color from the ads and glued it in the space. Easy and subversive.

Love it. Wish I had seen this a few weeks ago. Perhaps we’ll give this a go next year.

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  1. John Utz says:

    IMHO, uttering “Happy Holidays!” after a worship service is a sign of unthinking social interaction. (such as “Fine” after someone asks, “What’s
    But surely you don’t object to a “holiday party” when attended by people of different faiths or no faith.

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