The mystery and majesty of pipe organs

In addition to my vocation as a priest, I’m a bit of a musician. In fact, I studied church music as an undergrad. I love this video for several reasons. Thomas Murray is a terrific organist and a kind person, so it’s nice to hear his take on things. But I really found his description of the “call” of organists to be true. By the way, if you are near New Haven, it’s worth a trip to hear the organ in Woolsey Hall.

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3 Responses

  1. Murray says the instrument chooses the performer. This reminds me of Harry Potter – the wand chooses the wizard!


  2. David says:

    And, I’m deeply grateful to say, you can hear Proff Murray at Christ Church, New Haven most Sundays…

  3. Bob Chapman says:

    I have my favorite organist on YouTube. He goes by the screen name “DennisWubs.” Here are some of his videos that I like: (possibly the best one with a beautiful choral prelude)

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