It’s an emergency! Time to update your Facebook status?

Two girls (aged 10 and 12) in Australia got trapped in a storm drain. They both had working mobile phones. Great, they called 000 — the Australian equivalent of 911 — and were rescued, right? Not exactly.

Faced with crisis, these two girls did what millions of kids do every day. They updated their Facebook statuses. I’m not making that up. There’s no reason to believe something prevented them from calling an emergency operator — which would have gotten a quicker response. Imagine if, say, 37 people had clicked “Like” below their clever status instead of calling the rescue squad. Or what if someone had thought it was a joke? Or what if Facebook was having one of its outages? Sometimes it’s best to do things the traditional way.

Look, I’m as wired as the next person. I’ve been known to text and Facebook and tweet during meetings and while standing in line and…in places I probably shouldn’t fess up to here. (To be clear: I do not carry my iPhone when I am vested for divine worship!) But I know the wisdom of the ancients. To everything there is a season. A time to tweet, and time to email. A time to update your status, and a time to CALL THE EMERGENCY SERVICES.

If you ever face an emergency, dear reader, please do not post a comment here on 7WD or update your Facebook status or upload a Youtube video. Sometimes the best course is to do it the old fashioned way: use your voice and make a telephone call. Add that to the list of things to teach your kids.

P.S. I think the minimum age for Facebook is supposed to be 13, at least in the US.

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