A moment of sanity in the healthcare debate

When Al Franken said he was running for the US Senate, I was skeptical. Even though he’s a known liberal with whom I was likely to agree, I thought “Oh, great, another celebrity-turned-politician.” Just another part to play. And yet Senator Franken is surprising lots of people with his knowledge of the issues and his ability to relate to all kinds of voters. Here’s a case in point.

Watch this video, in which Al Franken talks to ordinary voters at the state fair.

The title of the video falsely calls them an “angry mob,” which is unhelpful. These are concerned voters, who have understandable concerns about “big government” getting involved in health care. Unusually for American politics, Franken listens to them and even encourages their questions. Then he calmly responds with facts — facts that might just work with regular Americans in the heartland. We need more of this kind of interchange in our political discourse, and much less shouting and posturing.

Tip of the hat to Boing Boing.

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