Social media revolution

My friend Craig sent this along today. Wow.

Is your church on Facebook? If not, you’d better get there soon — and start rethinking communication. Time to rethink all that money and energy on newsletters involving dead trees. Time to rethink ideas that church meetings should always happen in person. Time to rethink the idea that having a crappy website is good enough.

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2 Responses

  1. Bob Chapman says:

    Even the ELCA Presiding Bishop made a comment about someone contacting him by Twitter (in some joking, friendly banter with someone speaking during their convention) this afternoon.

    The revolution will not be televised ( Iran proved it will be on Twitter.

  2. Dan Martins says:

    I’m a 57-year old male. I’ve been “paperless” in my personal organization for 8 years. I’ve had a blog for three, been on Facebook for a year, and opened a Twitter profile earlier this summer. I also have an iPhone. It no longer even occurs to me to print hard copy of photos. I’m bucking resistance in making internet the default mode for my parish newsletter and hard copy the exception. Still not adept at webcam use, but it will come. I guess I’ve joined the revolution too. And, yes, my church is on Facebook.

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