Prayers for today

My colleague here in Rhode Island, the Rev’d Jennifer Phillips, has an extraordinary gift for writing prayers. We heard many of her prayers at General Convention in the House of Deputies. I was forwarded a couple of her prayers for today, and so I’m posting them here. Thanks, Jennifer!

Collect for Hiroshima Day

God our Light, Cloud, and Flame:
speak your word of love through the haze of our confusion
and deliver us from the terrifying fire of our own hatred,
that we may recognize and greet you
in the shining faces of our neighbors
as Christ our true Peace.

Collect for Transfiguration/Hiroshima Day

Incendiary God:
In the scalding light of Hiroshima and Nagasaki
we have seen our power to destroy;
now show us ourselves in the fullness
of your radiant image and will,
in the shining face of your child, Jesus,
transfigured on the holy mountain,
through whom we pray.

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  1. Such gorgeous and moving prayers. Thanks for posting them.

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