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Yesterday came official word that the Rev’d Kevin G. Thew Forrester has not received the required consents to his election as Bishop of the Diocese of Northern Michigan. As I wrote before, I would not have voted to consent to his election, for several reasons. Still, this must be very hard for him and for his diocese. Pray for Kevin and for the people in Northern Michigan.

Also, a post from June 2008 is one of the most visited posts on 7WD. It’s a post entitled “An update on the Rev’d Ann Holmes Redding” and it had some then new information about the case of the now deposed priest who had hoped to practice Christian priesthood while being a Muslim. The counter went crazy yesterday as many visitors landed on 7WD after Googling “Ann Holmes Redding.” It turns out there was a story on ABC’s World News Tonight about Redding. Lots of viewers decided to learn more, and I hope they found information in lots of places, not just here on 7WD. Again, no one should rejoice in the deposition of a priest, even though many of us felt that the Bishop of Rhode Island was right to insist that Christian Holy Orders are incompatible with life as a Muslim. Let us renew our prayers for Ms. Redding and for those who have known her ministry in two faiths.

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  1. Bob Chapman says:

    Christianity and Islam share many of the same ethical teachings. That being said, Christianity isn’t (just) about ethics.

    That being said, I can say that Ms. Redding has not severed all ties with the Episcopal Church, at least as of last January. She was at the service at St. Mark’s Cathedral I reported on here:


    If any of you are wondering, I did not play hall monitor and checked to see who received communion and who didn’t. First, this isn’t in my job description. Second, there were too many people.


    If you are wondering how I knew she was there, I saw her sitting on one side of St. Mark’s after the service and talked to her. She did not want to say anything for attribution.

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