So what happened at General Convention?

Like most other Deputies and many parish clergy, I am preparing to offer a report on what happened at General Convention this Sunday. We’ll have a one-hour presentation in our usual slot for Christian formation at 9:15 (stop by if you are in the area!).

It’s hard to capture what happened in two weeks with 800+ deputies, loads of bishops, 300+ resolutions concurred, countless events, and daily Eucharist services and sermons. As I digest all this into an hour, I’ve been looking for some great summaries. I’d be glad to know about more. Here’s what I’ve found at this point, in case it is of use to others.

  • The Daily Wrap. Heidi Shott of Maine prepared a short video covering each day’s events at General Convention, including a six-word summary of each day’s sermon. I’ll show two or three of these on Sunday at Christ Church.
  • The Lead has lots of terrific coverage, including this summary of some significant legislation. See also this link to several bishops’ reports.
  • Go visit this fantastic offering by Karin Hamilton of Connecticut. Lots of links to photos, blogs, backgrounders, and other material. There’s a list of important resolutions and their final status. See especially this chart showing how a resolution flows through the legislative process. My hope is that by General Convention 2012, someone will make an Episcopal version of “I’m just a bill on capitol hill.
  • There’s loads of stuff on Episcopal Life Online, though there is no wrap-up article yet. Sadly, the search function doesn’t work, but you can Google the site to find things. There was a large team reporting, and so chances are good that there’s an article on the site about anything that you’d care to learn more about. For summary reporting, I’d encourage you to look at this collection of each day’s The Daily, the printed news source at Convention. Also, the Media Hub has lots of video available.
  • The Diocese of Virginia again supplied the Center Aisle, a daily news sheet, and you can find each day’s edition on the Center Aisle website.
  • Don’t forget to read the Presiding Bishop’s letter to the church.
  • Make sure you read this news article, especially the list of those elected to the Joint Nominating Committee for the Election of the Presiding Bishop.
  • There’s lots of “coverage” here on 7WD and I have some photos over on flickr.

Please let me know of other sources I should include on this list. I’d be especially interested in a single wrap-up video or slideshow of the whole Convention. Now that a few days have passed, I hope to post some personal reflections on my time in Anaheim. Stay tuned!

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