Providence Journal reports General Convention

An article about General Convention will appear in the Saturday Providence Journal. The story quotes the bishop, my fellow deputy and blogger Fr. Bill Locke, and myself. Here’s a sample:

On that issue, Bishop Wolf said Friday that the resolution will not directly affect her own policy of forbidding same-sex blessing ceremonies from taking place on church property anywhere in the diocese.

However, Father Gunn, who voted to support a change, said “my personal belief is that since we as clergy already bless animals and boats and backpacks, we should be able to bless people in church who claim to love one another.”

That’s not exactly what I think I said to the reporter. I spoke about people who are “in faithful and loving relationships.” Still, he did a good job of capturing the sexuality issues covered at Convention. The two priests interviewed provided a different viewpoint from our bishop, which means readers will get a sense of the complexity of this issue in the Episcopal Church.

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