Denouncing Dave Walker

In a break from our nonstop General Convention coverage, I bring you this important blog post:

Last summer at the Lambeth Conference, I met Dave Walker. He was there as “Cartoonist in Residence.” Mostly he was to be found in his palatial tent, rivaled only by the Big Top for tent grandeur, producing cartoons. All seemed well at first. Dave is nice. He is funny. What’s not to like?

Soon, his sinister side reared its ugly head. There was a sinister conspiracy involving feathers. Authorities have never figured it out, and the Lambeth Conference indaba document is ominously silent on this issue.

Now I have found out new information that is even more worrying. It seems that Dave Walker’s “Cartoon Blog” is no such thing. I encourage you to visit. You’ll notice that the last two entries (first, second) are actually about his camper van. Then there’s a post about a calendar. And before that’s it’s about his Mac.

Where are the cartoons? Or why isn’t his blog called “Dave’s Van and Calendar (with occasional bits about technology) Blog”? Until Dave Walker either corrects the title of his blog or else publishes cartoons, I am declaring myself to be in a state of impaired blogmunion with him.

Dave, it’s up to you to repair the tear in the tent fabric of the blogosphere.

Photo courtesy the Bishop of Cork’s blog.

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8 Responses

  1. DcnScott says:


  2. Hey Scott, leave ‘our Dave’ alone. If you think his tent was ‘palatial’ you’ve clearly never been to a proper palace. And if this is meant to be ‘tongue in cheek’, you better clear off before some blighter socks it to you and you bite the end of your own tongue off. We love Dave over here. But this is tongue in cheek, isn’t it? This blog cannot be serious? Shome mistake shurely…. And if you manage to dig out some of your great Lambeth08 piccies, I’ld love a couple – my old computer hard drive got deleted by mistake.

  3. Scott Gunn says:

    Ruth, perhaps I have indeed gone too far. You see, I was — by function if not by title — “photographer in residence” at the Lambeth Conference. Did I get a tent? No. But still…

    I am completely serious. Dave Walker has torn the tent fabric of the blogosphere.


    P.S. A selection of my Lambeth pics are to be found on flickr. If you want high-res, let me know, and I’ll try to dig them up. Photo credit for these is “ACNS / Scott Gunn”.

  4. In the light of this disturbing development, I really hope Dave has not been invited to Greenbelt! 😉

  5. MadPriest says:

    Ah yes. This is Dave’s new eDave auction site. It works exactly the same as eBay, with PayPal and all that, but it only sells Dave’s old stuff.

  6. I must decry this patently schismatic effort! The fact that Dave Walker has caved into this bullying is horrible. Therefore I call on all good bloggers to be in an impaired state of blogmunion with the poor misguided schismatic Scott until he suitably repents. And we could probably form a study group to come up with ways to control this before it spins out of control! 🙂

  7. Darren says:

    but Dave is quite tall… compared to me… so I always look up to him. I’m sure the current ebay promotion won’t last, he only has one camper van.

  1. July 18, 2009

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