BREAKING “NEWS”: Coup back east in the Episcopal Church

While most of the major leaders of the Episcopal Church have been here in Anaheim, something has happened back east. My (former?) friend, Father Tim Schenck, has staged a coup, taking over the Episcopal Church east of the Mississippi. He writes, “I’ve decided to take over the church on the East Coast. So for the next few weeks things are going to look a little different around here.”

For those of you who are in his new jurisdiction, I suggest you pop over to your new overlord’s blog to see how things are going to work now. He has notes about polity, liturgical dress, and so on.

(If you are reading this, Your Temporary Eminence, you should know that I will be mentioning this little scheme to Bishop Sisk.)

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  1. July 13, 2009

    […] 13, 2009 Word seems to be getting out about my Popiscopate. Thanks to Father Scott Gunn, blogging from General Convention, for highlighting the state of the Episcopal Church on the East […]

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