Coffee analysis

Here’s what you need to know about coffee consumption at General Convention.

  1. The line at the Starbucks in the Marriott is usually pretty short. The espresso is tolerable.
  2. The line at the Hilton Starbucks has never been short enough for me to sample their wares. Like the Marriott Starbucks, it is a franchise store, not a company store. That means the drinks are not likely to be of the same quality as a free-standing company Starbucks.
  3. DO NOT, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, ORDER THE “ESPRESSO” IN JAVA CITY. That’s the place inside the Convention Center itself. This faux espresso-like substance is not easily drinkable, and it was expensive. I can’t remember the amount, but I think it was around $157. Maybe not that much, but whatever the cost, it was too much.
  4. The best coffee to be had, both in terms of price, quality, and ethics, is to be found at the ERD booth in the exhibit hall. They serve up free samples of Bishop’s Blend in paper shot glasses. Yum. I’m told they’ll pour you a full mug if you bring one. It’s fairly traded coffee as well. Even better, buy some to take home, and sign your parish up for this coffee for Coffee Hour. Good for your taste buds, good for the planet, and good for the coffee growers.

If I have a chance to sample other coffee, I’ll let you know, dear reader. I’m hoping there’s a good local coffee place in walking distance. (Yes, Jessica, I know there’s some kind of amazing place “near here”, but it might as well be in France if I can’t walk there.)

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  1. Thanks for the coffee update, Scott. Just so you know, I’ve secretly replaced the fine coffee they usually serve at Java City with Folgers crystals. Your gift of coffee discernement was obviously able to tell the difference. Congrats.

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