Scenes from General Convention: July 8

OK, so I’m a day late. Hopefully not a dollar short.

Rhode Island has great seats in the House of Deputies. We are in the third row of deputations, right in the center. (Each deputation has two rows of tables, four deputies in front and four in back. I have the awesomest seat, back row, end.) We can see well, thought it’s hard to sneak in and out. I’ll try to post a pic of what it looks like from the back of the House. Let’s put it this way, you need binoculars.

A paparazzi gets a photo of +Rowan Williams, Archbishop of Canterbury, as he enters the exhibit hall.

If you ever wanted to see if you like to wear bishop’s garb, this is the place! (I declined, for the record.) All manner of goods are for sale here. My favorite: Episcopal Relief and Development. Why? Two reasons, not necessarily in this order: they are a fantastic organization and they have free Bishop’s Blend Coffee samples.

There are more photos in my flickr stream, and more will come. Here’s a link to just my GC 2009 photos. Visit now, and visit often.

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