General Convention news bulletin

We are tracking several important stories here in Anaheim. Stay tuned for details.

We were 100% rubrical! In the opening Eucharist yesterday morning, Rite II was strictly followed. This cannot be taken for granted in massive church liturgies, and I am grateful for this. Further details on the worship: the sermon was quite good, ending with a dramatic touch by our Presiding Bishop. I greatly enjoyed the music, which was varied from straight-up “Anglican classic” with organ all the way to…lots of stuff. Good, good, good. Also, the Communion bread was both holy and tasty.

EXCLUSIVE: There is a secret swimming pool in the House of Deputies! I clearly heard the Secretary of Convention say so. When explaining how we could get a page to deliver messages for us whilst the House is in session, he said this, “When pages are summoned, they will come from the pool up front.” I do not understand how they can change from their bathing suits into their yellow aprons this quickly, so we’ll see how this works.

EXCLUSIVE: Almy hates high-church clergy! Whilst visiting the Exhibit Hall, I came across this juicy tidbit. Almy is discontinuing the nice stiff collars I like to wear, and they’re making us all switch to the floppy ones instead. Some would say this is a metaphor for the whole church — getting less rigid and more flexible. Anyway, all high-church (read: proper) clergy wear the stiffer collar, called the “Pontiff”. Now I am going to have to wear something called the “Cleric-Cool”. I am not making that up. It is time for me to go see my new friends at Wippell.

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7 Responses

  1. Warren Hicks says:

    With all due respect Scott, I’ve found the ‘Cleri-Cool’ to be quite comfy and durable. I guess I don’t see it as being floppy! At any rate, I hope that you get the desires of your heart from Wippell! Wish I were there with y’all.

    Blessings from cool New England.

  2. Warren Hicks says:

    BTW, does wearing a ‘Cleri-Cool’ make me ‘improper’ clergy?

    With tongue firmly in cheek.


  3. Scott Gunn says:

    Yes, Warren, I’m afraid your orders may no longer be licit if you continue to wear that collar. It’s not too late to save yourself!

  4. Bob Chapman says:

    My comments yesterday about Orthodox baptism methodology may be correct! Why else would the pages be at the secret HOD pool except to facilitate the baptisms as the Fire of the Holy Spirit falls on GC (see Acts 2, particularly vv 33-42)?

    The Anglo-Orthodox in the Episcopal Church may be coming to the ascendancy!

  5. Susan Wrathall says:

    Oh, boy. Maybe Almy will have a “close-out” sale! I feel some serious shopping coming on.

  6. Alan Gates says:

    In what way are teh cleri-cools not stiff enough for you, I wash them in my dishwasher for crying out loud….They still sell nice starched linen preaching ribbons don’t they?

  7. Peter Carey says:

    I can pick out a “clericool” floppy collar from several pews away…wipple collars rock…

    I nearly had to wear a clericool collar last week, as I couldn’t find my wipple collars in a packed box..i had to tear through a dozen boxes to find the good collars

    Peter Carey

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