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I’ve just gotten back to my room after attending what I believe was the first-ever General Convention tweetup. If you want to follow General Convention on Twitter (arguably the best way to keep up with everything that’s happening), just point your browser to http://twubs.com/ecgc. You’ll find the tweets of a growing number of people of many theological persuasions, ages, sexual orientations, and levels of tallness.

Today was a good day, as is any day when I get to hear the Archbishop of Canterbury speak. The Presiding Bishop’s sermon this morning was quite good, and the worship itself was fantastic, especially the music. The House of Deputies organized itself and even passed several resolutions. I’d write more, but it’s been a 15 hour day and tomorrow starts early.

We are closely tracking several major stories, and I hope to bring news tomorrow. At this time I am either checking with sources or deciding what to make up, depending on the story/rumor. Stay tuned here if, for example, you hope to find out if the President of the House of Deputies changes into her academic regalia in something that more closely resembles Superman’s phone booth or Batman’s lair.

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