Two kingdoms: One is Magic and one is Ubuntu

My good friend Tim Schenck has done it again. He brilliantly compares the Magic Kingdom and the Ubuntu Kingdom, including a handy photo guide. Go read this right now.

By the way, Tim has had to resign from the Board of Governors of Episcopal Life. He is moving from Province 2 into Province 1, and I wasn’t about to give up my seat on the Board for him. I’ll miss him on the Board, but I’m glad he’s going to be a neighbor in Massachusetts. I wanted to clear that up, because the rumors about former Governor Tim’s trip to Argentina are simply not true.

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1 Response

  1. Yes, Scott, but I always find such a deep sense of spirituality out on the Appalachian Trail. Now back to packing in rainy NY while every other Episcopalian is in sunny CA.

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