The True Anglican Communion

There will be talk of the relationship of the Episcopal Church with the Anglican Communion at this General Convention. People will variously prognosticate all manner of scenarios, based on the many potential outcomes of this Convention. For my part, I’m sorry to see that some people have left the Episcopal Church and the Anglican Communion over the present controversies. I do wish them well, and I also hope that a decreased level of anxiety will allow us all (still in the Anglican Communion, and those who have left) to get on with the work of the church.

I try not to cover every twitch of Rowan’s eyebrows or prediction of doom from Pope Duncan (also a man of considerable eyebrows, strangely). That said, I took note of the launch of FoCA in London today. (One wonders if the people who choose these names get out to the cinema much.) I imagine the tenor of messages from Lambeth Palace will change if secessionists begin to step up their efforts within England as they have in the US.

Here’s my answer to all this: we set up a “two communion” situation. Let them call themselves the “True Anglican Communion.” We’ll call ourselves the “Anglican Communion” and people can draw their own conclusions. In fact, some people have already been at work on this, and I think Pope Duncan and other will really like what they read:

The TAC upholds the theological doctrines of of the Thirty-Nine Articles (unrevised), the Books of Common Prayer (1549, 1552), and the King James Bible. Parishes are free to use either the 1549 Prayer Book or the 1552 Prayer Book. They may not use a conflation of both. This allows for both high church and low church practice within the communion, but no hybrids. Unity is held by the principle that “the enemy of my enemy is my friend.”

On sexual ethics, they are not liberals along the lines of Martyn Minns and Peter Akinola. Their position is clear and biblical:

We are not prejudicial against homosexuals as some apostates who call themselves “Anglican” are. We teach and follow Leviticus 18:19 just as firmly as Leviticus 18:22. During the seven days of a woman’s menstrual impurity our wives are required to sit on specified furniture solely for her use, and sleep in a separate bed.

If the far right is dissatisfied with things in the present Anglican Communion, including the behavior of the Episcopal Church since 2004 (possibly the only truly “Windsor Compliant” province in the Communion, by the way), this option would give them the clarify and purity they seek.

Got visit The True Anglican Communion online. Tell your unhappy conservative friends they have a real option now.

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