Insider’s Guide to GC: Which hall?

So a few people have asked me about which hall one will find which activities in the Anaheim Convention Center. Here’s my handy mnemonic:

Hall B = Bonnie’s House. That’s Bonnie Anderson, President of the House of Deputies, so that’s where you’ll find the HoD.

Hall C = Churchy tchotchkes. This is the Exhibit Hall, where you can buy everything from coffee to ciboria, from monstrances to magazine subscriptions, from prayer books to prayer beads.

Hall D = Da House of God. This is where Convention worship takes place. It’s also full of round tables, so the “mission conversations” will happen here.

By the way, the House of Bishops is up on the third floor, closer to God. (They need the supervision.) They are also adjacent to the Episcopal Church Women. I do not encourage the bishops to get out of line, or the women will go next door and take care of the situation.

OK, friends. No more reason to wander around lost. Another problem solved by the team here at 7WD. Any other problems to take care of? Let us know!

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