This morning, without notice or explanation, the orientation for new deputies was canceled. Hundreds of deputies arrived, only to be told the event was not taking place. (Tip for HoD leaders: if you are going to change things, please send us all an email.)

At first, I wondered why this might have happened. Then I saw dozens of General Convention attendees staring at televion screens in rapt attention, watching the Michael Jackson memorial service. I believe these two events are related. Until a denial is issued, my belief will be that Bonnie Anderson, President of the House of Deputies, wanted to watch the MJ service. She is known to be skeptical of some technology, so she probably doesn’t have Tivo. We’ll know for sure if we see her sporting one glove as she speaks later today (after the service has ended, by the way.)

Some will say that I shouldn’t publish these things without confirmation. But I am just following the tradition of the English religious press. As one religion writer for a major British newspaper once confessed to me (not sacramental confession!), “Sometimes I hear a rumor and just publish it, trying to provoke confirmation or a denial.” So that’s what I’m doing here. Until you say otherwise, President Anderson, I’m going with this story.

Finally, dear readers: if I get actual information, I will label it as news. When I am making things up, I will usually label it as “news”.

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3 Responses

  1. Bob Chapman says:

    Maybe Steve Waring could use another set of eyes and ears?

  2. Bob Chapman says:

    I better add something. Steve Waring is a friend of mine. I occasionally string for TLC on events in the Diocese of Olympia. I know Steve’s journalism ethics are the highest because I’ve written for him.

  3. Dave says:


    This is a good exclusive – thank you.

    I for one would welcome more exclusives. Of interest, for instance, would be the availability of different snacks around the venues (we’ll need you to try them of course).

    Also as a blogger who will be writing about the goings-on I’d like to know which online sources are useful and which will just be making things up. In a bad way I mean – making things up in a good way is fine.

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